China Construction America | DAO Panamá

All things unified

As the ultimate creative principle of the universe, DAO combines within itself the opposing principles of yin and yang, creating the duality underlying our existence and harmony out of chaos itself.

Building | DAO Panamá

Upscale facade

The perfect balance between opposite and infinitely contrasting forces that originated in ancient China thousands of years ago. A tradition to become one in harmony with our natural surroundings. DAO is a philosophy that seeks to nurture inner peace, counteracting the pressures of daily life and stress to reach complete stillness… peace.

Building | DAO Panamá

Impeccable city glow

DAO’s cosmic energy enables all beings to coexist within a unifying circle of life. One of the concepts encompassed in the buildings impeccably designed structure.

Building | DAO Panamá

Showered in Greenery

An unequivocal redefinition of modern architecture and residential living as we know it. DAO Panama will embody the perfect balance between harmonized living with nature and all the comforts of urban life.